Mission & Vision Statement


Our MISSION is, to satisfy and meet the needs of our customers, providing our products and services with the quality, adjusted to their needs and preferences and to create value for our stakeholders through originality and strict adherence to our principles. We being a conscientious producer, and having stood the test of time, will continue our emphasis on responding to customer need with value added products and services. It is our belief that we can fulfill this mission through a unique combination of industry vision, effective supply chain management and innovative technology.


To be innovative in our field to the benefit of society, we will fairly compete in quality, technology, sales and marketing expertise, while ensuring sound financial and sustainable growth of the Treet Group for the sake of its stakeholders and reputation.


We will base our human resources systems on our proven principles reflective of our core values and our commitment to attract, reward, develop and motivate sophisticated people. They will reflect the global scope of our business while demonstrating responsibility and flexibility with respect to cultural diversity, and statutory and regional business realities.


Our emphasis on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business will enable us to reward our certificate holders and employees.


We will continually strive to be environmentally responsible and support the communities where we operate and the industries in which we participate.


  • Total Customer Services
  • Long-Term Business Focus
  • Technology Oriented
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Staff Development & Teamwork
  • Effective Resources & Cost Management
  • Corporate Responsibility