Statement of Ethics and Business Practices

Guidelines to Buiness Conduct


  • No one should ask any employee to break the law, or go against Treet Group policies and values.
  • We treat all employees equally and fairly.
  • We do not tolerate any form of harassment.
  • Information and necessary facilities are provided to perform jobs in a safe manner.
  • Employees must not use, bring, or transfer illegal drugs or weapons on Treet Group property.
  • Employees should report suspicious people and activities.

Business Partners

  • Avoid conflicts of interest and identify situations where they may occur.
  • Do not accept or give gifts, favors, or entertainment if it will appear to obligate the person who receives it.
  • Use and supply only safe, reliable products and services.
  • Respect our competitors and do not use unfair business practices to hurt our competition.
  • Do not have formal or informal discussions with our competitors on prices, markets or products, or production or inventory levels.
  • Manufacture and produce products according to contract specifactions.
  • Market our products and services in an honest and fair manner.
  • Do not compromise our values to make a profit.

Business Resources

  • Do not use inside information about the Treet Group for personal profit. Do not give such information to others.
  • Do not use Treet Group resources for personal gain or any non-business purpose.
  • Protect confidential and proprietary information.
  • Do not use Treet Group resources to send, receive, access or save electronic information that is sexually explicit, promotes hate, violence, gambling, illegal drugs, or the illegal purchase or use of weapons.
  • Do not make false or misleading entries into the companies books or records (within a Treet Group).


  • Follow all laws, regulations and Treet Group policies that apply to your work.
  • Do not entice or give money or anything of value to government officials to influence their decisions.
  • We measure and assess our performance, and are open and clear in our environmental communications.
  • When Treet Group’s standards are higher than what is required by local law, we meet the higher standards.