Treet is bringing state of the art technology comparatively having more efficiency and bringing maintenance free sealed batteries (MFSB) in Pakistan with multinational brand name (i.e. Daewoo) for Batteries which is already a well established name in the Country. Moreover, Korean experts in the field will be handling this project.

Growth rate of this industry is very impressive in the last five ~ six years. Although much reliance of this industry is on UPS [which is dependent on non-availability of power] but no major Power Project is on the cards. Thus, situation of power outage is unlikely to be overcome in the near future;

MFSB is replacing Conventional Batteries. No formal plant (MFSB) exists in the Country. Only source of MFSB is import which is inconsistent and unreliable; Last but not least Company has efficient group and financial structure that gives not only well diversified product portfolios to mitigate business risk but overall also tax efficient mechanism while keeping financial risk at minimum. 40 Acres of land has been acquired in Faisalabad to start this venture The plant layout has been designed by a Korean company with the state of the art machinery.